so this is my first blog as a writer and i really am being honest when i say i dont know how to write a poem or anythimg else but i really want to. It gives me peace as it would have given you in whatever you do that makes u happy and i would really apprieciate it if you would tell me how my poem was.❤


Is it the crinkling of your eyes when you smile..

Or the tears, that flow down seeing your little boy make you proud.

Is it the smell of earth when the first raindrop hits the ground..

Or is the absolute silence when you see your life pass by😌.
Happiness, do we want it or is it something that we need?

Something, that makes our heart leap, pulling us out of darkness, it’s greed 

Something that can make us someone we never dreamt to be

Something that can bring us peace..make us laugh and cry at the same time
Oh, what would i do if you were mine

I would love,cherish, keep you alive

As you would, making me an eagle ..soaring through that blue sky

Could we, could we ever be together?

Cuz i swear..there is no greater joy than laughing so hard that your stomach hurts..eyes filling up

Silently speaking of places where your heart has been.❤

                                             – AKANSHA🎶